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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Planning my next move

Today, I have my weekly day off and so as tomorrow. I sent out 23 CVs to another 2 companies "begging" for accounting jobs. As I place the mails into the mailbox in the Post Office, I start to think how many replies will I get before the end of next week. I sent 20 yesterday, 23 today.

What if I really won't get any job offers? I start to look at Masters courses today, maybe try to look at professional courses tomorrow. I counted the money I can earn and save before my visa expire by the end of August, I looked into the bank websites to see if they offer loans and how much do I need to pay back every month. University of Sunderland is still the cheapest in tuition fees if compared to others. The university's ranking in The Times is at number 81. I wonder if I take up MBA in University of Sunderland, will I able to get a job. Friends around me and university mates are taking up Masters one after another. It proves that Bachelors Degree is not sufficient at all nowadays. That is why I am thinking all over again that if I don't get a job offer, I'll take up a possible loan and continue to pursue a higher qualification.

I am going to the bank tomorrow to ask about the loan. If it is available for foreigners, I will surely go ahead with my plans to go further, if I don't get a job with work permit. Tough either way, but I will choose one. I am not ready to leave England yet!


SabrinaW said...

From what I heard from people, studying masters straight after degree is not appropriate if you don't have working experience. Your masters would be wasted if you do so.

how's with the job finding? any reply?

Jeremy said...

Well, depend on which Masters that you obtained. My friend got a job straight after finishing his Masters in Accounting. He go straight into Masters after finishing Bachelors Degree. but MBA requires work experience. I asked Uni Liverpool for online MBA course and I was quite surprised that I'm qualified to take by all those part time work experience when I was in back in Malaysia. Anyway, uni Liverpool's fees are very expensive and I'm still thinking. but the uni reputation quite good in England though. Headache...