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Friday, 25 January 2008

My Room

So, I finally settle down in my new flat in Streatham, London. After some time buying some simple furnitures, I sort out my room. I think I won't be buying more stuff as it is very troublesome if wanna move to somewhere else.
Black table from Ikea, Ikea dining chair which is supposedly to be with dining table in the kitchen, duvet cover from Argos to match existing blinds and a bedside 2 drawer unit to put my stuff, also from Ikea.
So this is my table from the other angle. As you can see, it is still the same old laptop that I use, the same mouse, and the same speakers that I bought last year when I was in uni. Far right is the new printer which I just bought 2 weeks ago from PC World so to "start printing my future". Does my table match the gadgets' colours? :)
This is the nearer view of my new printer. Canon Pixma MP210 ink jet with photocopy and photo printing function. Pict-Bridge USB connection port available as well. It's the cheapest Canon I can get from PC World, for just £49.99, including 1 black and 1 colour cartridge. The strange thing that you buy a printer in Britain is that, you have to buy a USB cable yourself to connect it to your computer as it is not provided. It cost a massive amount of around £9 at least depending on quality. I think you can get that for RM5 in Malaysia?

Anyway, this is my room which I am gonna stay for some time...

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