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Friday, 25 January 2008

My Workplace - My Job

This is the shop I work. 18, Hanover Street, London. It doesn't look big and it really is not big but we are a bit different from other shops around our area. We do deliveries. This makes our shop operation different from other nearby shops. We deliver lunch to surrounding offices every weekdays and some weekends. We have an electric van which is small, easy to operate and environmental friendly, a flat tyre bicycle and a horrendous looking cart for deliveries. Because I am not eligible to drive here, I am doing walking deliveries, instead of pushing the damn cart in the middle of the fully tourists packed street or riding a bicycle with no air in the tyres.

I learned a lot for the past nearly 4 months. I make sandwich, I make coffee, I operate tills, I operate the huge French oven, I do deliveries, I start to learn to set-up the shop before opening, I close the shop, and I am looking forward to learn other new duties soon before I got my true job, if possible.

Accidents in the shop includes, knife cutting fingers deeply, slicer slicing off piece of the finger and cut fingers, burnt by oven's hot surface or coffee machine's hot water. I got minor burnts by the hot steam and hot water from coffee machine, hot soup spilling on my hand, cut by coffee machine's sharp edges and by thin crossaintery papers.

Nationalities in the shop includes Malaysian (me), Polish, Brazilian, Portuguese, American, Carribean, African, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Latvian, Moroccan and German. No British though.

There are good times and bad times like other usual jobs, just that it's ridiculous sometimes that how the American assistant manager loves money... which leads to us working like machines... until we are so stressful that some of us cut our fingers in the kitchen or burnt by oven and coffee machine. My break time was cut down before as well... duh... Interesting thing is when I am on the till. I collected many coins from the till as British coins has many designs. Got to know regular customers and having some chat with them. Lovely Stacey from Headmasters hair cut, some Japanese customers from House of Hanover next door, and Andrew from HSBC around the corner even gave me his name card!! Of course there are many daily customers, some even come few times a day for coffee and food!!

Anyway, it is a place which I earned my life in London and learning new things... and learning nearby street names and going to offices that usual people won't have the chance to step in to like MTV, Sony, Fallon, Total Gas, Barclays Ventures, etc.

In the end, this is not gonna be my job forever damn it!! I am an accounting and business graduate!! :P

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