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Thursday, 22 February 2007


After whole evening clicking and exploring some information for my dissertation on I ended up reading his old posts. He's a real hilarious and funny guy. Take a look at his blog if you have time. The way he describe something, and the way he put photos and describing it let me enjoyed reading it.

One part of his blog that I enjoyed just now, thought that I might share with you people. Some of you might already seen it but some of you might not. The post is in the 'ENGRISH' section. (Click Here) It's really sad seeing something like that but yet it's really funny.. I laughed non-stop for a while after looking at the final few menus there. It's quite pathethic and yet they are going to host Olympics games next year! Wonder how the english speaking athletes are going to stay there without laughing to death if this situation continues like that. Most ENGRISH situation happens in Asian country.. You can find interesting ENGRISH stuff here. This site even offers you ways to make your own ENGRISH!!

Well, maybe I can start planning to stop studying accounting and start studying english.. Gonna make big money out of it!

So.. the turnip needs to fuck the bulb of lily (a type of flower, no offence to those who named Lily) to fry it...

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