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Sunday, 25 February 2007

The Best Damn Thing

I'm always a big fan of Avril Lavigne. Blonde Punk Rock girl with long hair and blue eyes. Like her since her first album. A song writer who can play guitar really good. The latest album will be released on 17th April 2007 titled The Best Damn Thing.
But before that, Girlfriend, a single from the album had been released. It even has different language of it.. found it on Cool... Below is the Music video of 'Girlfriend'

That's the video, hope you enjoyed it. Below are various versions of the song, but some of them are only the intro part.

Spanish Version

Japanese Version

Mandarin Version

Other than Girlfriend, some previews of the new songs from the new album are also available for listening pleasure.

I Can Do Better

Everything Back But You

When You're Gone

Hope you all enjoyed the songs! Really looking forward to the album release! Avril Rocks!!!!

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