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Friday, 19 June 2009

June 2009

It has been 19 days past for June 2009. Eventful month I can say. Princess travelling, I repaint and rearrange my room, met some important people, she came back, mom's birthday, her mom's birthday, my birthday then her dad's birthday, 3 colleagues leaving. And my company's MD look for all of us in our department to talk to us and know us.

As for money part, I'm really totally extremely officially broke already. Nearly all events stated above, except the MD part, i spent money. Even for my confirmation at work I spent money this month as for me and 3 other colleagues who got confirmed within these few months treated everyone in the department Nasi Lemak to "thank" them.. duh..

As for lessons part, I learned 顺服. Lazy to find english word for that now. I heard same thing twice from different person (Inlcuding MD) today. I guess that's what God wants me to do after struggling few weeks wondering what I should really do for my future.

11 days to end this month. What will happen in the next 11 days? Still going on. God bless me and my princess.. hehe..

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