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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Happy Birthday?? :/

I can't believe I'll be turning 23 in the next 10 days. This month is absolutely disastrous. Everything went wrong, so tired of working here... surprisingly... and my mood is really swinging because of everything.

I thought I would be better after changing my job as job description stated during my interview is only sorting out stores, helping 3 food sections to sort out their fridges so to make sure they have everything they need and after 12pm I'll be staying at the tills to help out. I am now doing everything that they ask me to do, more than I should be doing. It is not because that I am not flexible, just that all those tasks they ask is not in my working time period and description!! That means I am not PAID for that!! And I am always doing the wrong tasks at the wrong time because of them!! My timetable is crazy as well!! sometimes 11hours a day sometimes 6hours a day!!?!? Supervisor is crazy... manager is sometimes crazy.... WTF!! nuff said! I'm going nuts!!

Another thing, last night, I found out that the letters I kept in my room for that old lady who used to live in our flat are all gone!! She still have the bloody keys of our flat but she denied coming to get the letters!! It's not magic!! I searched the whole flat and I couldn't find it! If it's not her then who? She keep delaying to pay the bills remaining, keep saying that we kept her deposit for no reason but actually she moved out before contract ends, keep delaying in returning the keys, now came into my room for those letters... WTF!!

Again another thing! I have no money this month!!! As I change my job, I lost my weekly pay, so I need to wait until this end of month to get paid before I can do anything. Now I am living by basic food which consist of instant noodles and spaghetti with some veggies and a little meat. 2 weeks already eating like that!! I wanna PUKE!! I am even starting to buy bus pass from today. Taking a bus to go to work will need 1 hour while coming back from work using same route needs 1 hour 30 minutes at least due to traffic. Anyway, price of weekly bus pass is £13 while Travelcard which can be used on tube is £24.20.

Enough of all this external stuff, now my own inner stuff. If I really have somebody around me... eg. friends, partner etc to share my loneliness that is filled in me since long time... I think I will feel better. This month I felt more again. Am I too sensitive?

Enough complaining. I am too tired already. Never had enough sleep since I start this job. I am moody, tired, head spinning, start scolding people for minor reasons, getting frustrated for everything, stomach cramp, getting nervous easily... SHIT!!!!!

Happy birthday to me? see what's going to happen in the next 10 days.

I need a break.... seriously...


LydiaKong said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy... wish u early in case i forgot. hehehe. hav a nice day

Jeremy said...

thanks bubla!! hihi...

clement said...

happy day!~~