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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Borough Market London - Part 1

Date: 3 May 2008
Venue: Borough Market, London Bridge
Tube Station: London Bridge
Camera: Canon Powershot A430 4.0MP
It was again another sunny weekend so I decided to visit one of the interesting place in London which many tourists doesn't know but yet still so many visitors around - Borough Market. The whole market is located next to London Bridge Train Station, while on top of it is the railway which trains go in and out of the station so frequent that you can hear rumbling sounds of trains passing by your head all the time when you are there.
This current Borough Market started trading since 1756... how long was that!!! But before this current one there was still longer history before it!! You can read the history of Borough Market by visiting the website. Basically, it is just a market which you can find all the usual market stuff around.

It is divided to 2 parts, the main part and another one is the Green Market which is just situated just beside.
The Green Market has more cooked food compared to the main market. It will be in Part 2.

As I mentioned, this is just a market which sells everything you can imagine in a market, but more, and some specialties as well.

Fruits & Vegetables

Watermelon anyone?
Colourful enough?
Organic fruits & vegetables are very trendy here.
Mushrooms - All kinds

There are of course still more fruits and vegetables but all are nearly the same so I just took some special ones.

Meat & sausages

As for meat & sausages, there are more exciting than fruits & vegetables, well, not in the sense of colour as they all look red anyway, but in the way of choices and varieties.
Lamb stall... everything lamb...
Sausages or salami? I can't differentiate...
Ostrich products
Ostrich Steak... £24/kgOstrich sausages... £11.60/kg

I had one of the Ostrich Grill which I will mention later on... It taste like... Ostrich....

Bacon... all types... you name it they have it.
The top on is just a bacon stall, this one is a shop. EXPENSIVE!!
Picture shown is Salamino Rovajo which cost £5 each which use free range pork. Free range is something like Organic as well, which the pigs are not living in the cage, meaning that the pigs are left running freely around the field when they are still alive. English people say, better quality meat and more humane.
Pancetta Stesa, which is full of fat as you can see, is the opposite of the sausage in the previous photo which is very lean. It cost lot more but totally different form. It costs £18.95/kg!!
Polish sausages. I heard my Polish friends telling me that they are very nice... haven't try though... not cheap la.... geeezzzz.... but it looks very nice..

Fruits, vegetables, meat, sausages.... more varieties to come in Part 2.... maybe part 3 as well?


Anonymous said...

Eat less maggie noodles so that you can afford the Polish sausages, they are freaking nice though - just eat with the mustard, not hot.

Anonymous said...

I'm MyviKiller btw.

Jeremy said...

ah... so now i got access to ur blog.. hehe... well, i don't really eat much maggi here... eating 8p noodles only.. but not recently.. try to avoid.. too much!! haha...

SabrinaW said...

the market looks really different from malaysia. much neater and cleaner.. and dryer too. :p

oh... and happy earlier birthday!! hehe

Jeremy said...

ahaha... thanks sabrina!!

well yea, the markets here are all very clean and dry. This is because of Health and Safety Hazard Rule that this is country is obsessed of.. hehe... Everything is health and safety hazard... sometimes it really went over the top.... ah... England....