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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Possibilities of coming back alive

It is around 6 months later after dying.. After dying for so long, I finally click it again and give it some deep thoughts..

I'm planning to resurrect this blog... with new face and probably new name... with help of someone extremely close..

Wonder if previous readers will come back here though. Let's give it a try anyway.

See you all shortly.. hopefully..


KitKat said...

I'm back!!!

So how's the new face will look like? hints?

Anyway how's life in Msia so far?

Angel Valerie said...

oh, it's not dead?

Jeremy said...

omg... i thought nobody's gonna come back.. haha... nv expect i'll get feedbacks so soon..

well, still havent think about it yet.. not sure when i'll be back though.. :P

Life in Msia so far.. ups n downs should i say... life just goes on n on... haha...

KitKat said...

dead again...?

Jeremy said...

not dead.. just quite busy over this week.. holiday ma.. doing something.. hehe.. be right back..